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June 02, 2017 // Posted by: The Well Optix Team

The distance between field assets and operators continues to grow, creating more need for automation - specifically for predictive analytics. SCADA systems are critical for monitoring the performance of your assets, for example with artificial lift operations.

Many O&G operations employ SCADA systems to monitor individual well performance, to gain insights to production yields, equipment health, maintenance required, alarm indicators and historical trends.

But did you also know you can glean the same information across an entire field? Or across rolling assets that are moved from location to location?

Monitoring your movable assets gives you valuable insight into the health of the system and individual pieces of equipment over time. With feature-rich Well Optix, you’ll remain in control of your operational fleet, however it’s deployed. Our system gives you vital information into the control and historical trending of each unit, whether it’s a pump skid, VFD trailers for electric submersible pumps, or a compressor on a vapor recovery skid.

While other SCADA systems give you some degree of tracking, Well Optix offers the most efficient and economical means to track more information about your equipment over time--and it presents that information in the most user-friendly interface in the business.

The GPS antenna allows operators to plot the location of the units on a “field view” map that is similar to Google Maps. The field view not only tracks location by latitude/longitude so but also provides insight to the health of the equipment through color-coded status indicators.



With our intuitive displays you’ll instantly see what assets are deployed and where, along with current and historic pump performance. The indicators are helpful to compare data points across machines in several locations, to keep track of troublesome trends with one pump or across several pumps in diverse locations.

If the indicators signal a problem that calls for a pumper’s attention, he can use the GPS to track the asset’s location. What’s more, the pumper can zoom in to view all roads leading to the pump site so he can efficiently plan his visit, fix the problem, and get the pump back up and running as soon as possible.

The asset-tracking feature not only aids in fast response to problems, but serves to account for each pump’s whereabouts for others with a need to know. For example, the list of pumps and each one’s location can be exported to office personal so they can keep accurate records of company assets.

Well Optix provides insights in a variety of ways, with a range of customizable reports that meet your business needs. Ready to gain insights even when you’re not onsite? Give us a call today.

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