Leveraging smartphones for field surveillance

September 09, 2015 // Posted by: The Well Optix Team

Most people of working age in the US have access to a smartphone. According to Pew Internet Project’s research, 58% of American adults have a smartphone as of January 2014. For those ages 18 to 29, 83% have a smartphone.

Given this high popularity of smartphones, it is time to leverage them in the oilfield. Team members can easily monitor wells using smartphones.

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Topics: Interactive Alerts

SCADA Adds Value to Your Bottom Line

December 31, 2014 // Posted by: The Well Optix Team

We have all heard of the usefulness of SCADA to oilfield operations but what does it really contribute to your bottom line? Does it really add value to your operations and affect profit? The answer is a definite yes.

SCADA can contribute to both higher production and lower costs. Both of these improvements flow to the bottom line. In addition, SCADA improves the sustainability of your operations. In other words, you can count on your pump to keep pumping efficiently and maintenance to be more proactive than reactive. We all know that emergency maintenance takes longer and has a greater impact on production than scheduled maintenance.

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Topics: Maximize Efficiency, Return on Investment, Interactive Alerts

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