Driving Better Reservoir Performance with SCADA Remote Monitoring

January 06, 2016 // Posted by: The Well Optix Team

One obvious benefit of SCADA monitoring in the oil field is better control of well site equipment. Better control means smoother operations, fewer failures, longer maintenance cycles, lower costs and so on. All very beneficial to pumpers and their employers.

Another maybe not so obvious benefit is in improving reservoir performance. This takes monitoring up a level. Well data is reviewed over time to identify trends. Field trends can also be identified by comparing data over time and across wells. With SCADA data monitoring, pumpers and production managers alike can proactively manage hundreds of wells and the performance of the underlying reservoir.

Here are 3 clear impacts of SCADA at the well and field level:

  • Well-Level Precision Control. Operators can fine-tune performance by closely monitoring pumps, ensuring optimal production for each well. Over time as reservoir flow changes the operator can continue to tune the production rate to get the most from the well without inflicting damage on either equipment or the reservoir.
  • Well-Level Profitability. Another consideration in fine-tuning performance is in cost control. The combination of a pump drive and SCADA monitoring can drive down costs for both electricity and maintenance. SCADA enables faster decision-making and action-taking.
  • Reservoir-Level Performance Management. At the reservoir level, SCADA allows operators to consolidate, analyze and present data  from wells that together can provide insight into production trends and potential opportunities for improvement. Trending data can show if there are problem wells or crossover effects between wells. Multi-well surveillance also enables pumpers to prioritize their well visits. Pumpers can shift from problem finder to problem preventer.

Getting started is easy. Automate your wells. Measure key performance indicators. Network your data. Ask us how we can help you get started.

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Topics: Remote Monitoring, Return on Investment, Trending Data


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